Hockey prides itself on the supporting nature of its tight-knit community. For years, programs from the Quebec Peewee International Tournament to Junior Hockey have relied upon billet, or host families. Here at MAC Goaltending, we pride ourselves in the sense of community amongst our goaltenders and their families.


Hosting a goalie allows our local "goalie families" to forge relationships with fellow net-minders from outside the area, while at the same time providing a comfortable environment for them to live in over the course of their camp. Host families must be able to provide living quarters, nutritious meals, and transportation over the course of the week. A flat fee of $100 will be paid directly from the resident to the host family upon the goalie’s arrival.


We will be actively screening and matching all interested parties to ensure a good fit. If you are interested in either hosting a goaltender or having your goalie billeted, please fill out the forms at the bottom of this page.


Billet Family FAQ


When should I expect the student to arrive and depart?

Typically we would expect a student to arrive Sunday afternoon prior to their camp and depart on Friday afternoon following the conclusion of camp. Students may have special requests, such as preferring to arrive or depart on the Saturday. We will work in collaboration with the goalie and the host family to meet

these needs.


How do I know what sort of food to provide?

You are expected to provide relatively healthy meals and snacks to your host goalie during the course of the week. The goalie will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, which includes foods he or she does and does not like. We also encourage communication between the two parties prior to the start of camp.


What criteria is involved with matching a goalie to

my family?

Both parties are asked to fill out a questionnaire prior to their participation in our billet program. The answers to these questions help us to determine which parties fit best together. In general we look to pair a camper with a family whose goalie is of similar age (maybe even playing against each other) and have similar interests.


What do my responsibilities entail over the time the goalie is under my care?

By billeting a goalie you are essentially adopting them for the week, and as such you should expect to take on responsibilities similar to those associated with your own son or daughter. You are expected to provide a place for the goalie to stay, provide things to eat, and provide transportation to and from the rink

each day.

Resident Goalie FAQ


What can I expect for living quarters?

Living quarters vary from family to family. We will review them to ensure that the living quarters are adequate, and you will receive a description of where you will stay once you are paired

with a family.


Will I be able to be in contact with my host family prior to

my arrival?

We absolutely encourage both parties to communicate prior to arrival. This helps to make the experience as smooth as possible for both parties, and helps to alleviate any concerns that either party may have.


What should I bring?

Goalies should expect to bring all of their hockey equipment, enough clothes for a week, and a great attitude. In communicating with your host family you can determine if there is anything special that you should be bringing as well.


What are my responsibilities as a goalie staying with a host family?

You are expected to treat your host family with courtesy and respect. You are expected to maintain a neat living area and clean up after yourself. Remember that your host family is opening their home to you and that you should treat it as if it is your own.



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