Group Private Lessons

Limited to three goalies per group and offered weekly, these lessons are an hour in duration for goaltenders of all ages. Each group is customized to skill level and a specific plan is put in place each lesson, keeping the goaltenders on the upward trajectory of development.


Super Sessions

Offered on school vacations, Super Sessions are extended training opportunities where the goalies are on the ice for two hours, followed by a thirty minute video analysis. Each group is capped at three goalies and on a distinct plan, tailored towards the level of play.


1:1 Private Lessons

Offered upon request, individual private lessons provide the opportunity for the closest level of personal instruction. These sessions allow the opportunity to work through specific issues a goaltender has been struggling with, allowing them to be the sole focal point for the hour.


***CANCELLATION POLICY: A minimum of 24-hour notice of postponement of any session is required. Please respect our policy that students who are no-shows or cancel at the last minute are held responsible for the fee in full.***

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